VSS is Focused on Serving the Milestone Community

Mar 20, 2020 | In-depth

The amazing quality of the color images offered by the current generation of multi-megapixel cameras needs to be seen to be believed. However, with all the advantages which these cameras offer, there is a need for robust recording and storage appliances that have the bandwidth capabilities to record and store the massive amount of data captured by these high-resolution cameras. This is particularly so for video surveillance projects with a large number of cameras.

Video Storage Solutions (VSS), a division of BCD International, is receiving considerable attention because of its declaration that it will guarantee the performance of its recording and storage appliances when they are ordered through one of its authorized distributors.

It is not surprising that this is proving to be an attractive proposition to consultants and system integrators who are involved in the design and installation of video surveillance systems. There is considerable value to be placed on the peace of mind that comes with knowing that every VSS appliance is verified to withstand the specified video data write load of systems with high camera counts.

Gary Sykes is VSS’ Regional Sales Director for Northern Europe and explains why VSS was formed and how VSS is able to guarantee the performance of its appliances.

Question: Gary, bearing in mind that your sister company, BCDVideo, has been offering similar products for some years, why is there a need for VSS?

Answer: VSS was formed with the single objective of supporting system integrators across EMEA who are Milestone Systems’ partners and who regularly need to design or install video surveillance systems that require robust, fit-for-purpose, recording and storage solutions. Our objective is to offer these system integrators with a one-stop-shop for purpose-built, performance-driven and feature-rich appliances which are integrated with Milestone Systems XProtect. 

Question: VSS offers to guarantee the performance of its appliances. Can you explain what this means exactly?

Answer: Simply put, we can certify the bandwidth capabilities of our appliances and guarantee their performance because we always get involved at the system design stage and are therefore able to ensure that an appropriate VSS appliance is specified for the job.

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This was originally published by Professional Security Magazine.