Storage Accelerator

Video Storage Solutions’s Video Storage Accelerator is a state-of-the-art storage accelerator for Milestone Appliances. With video grade hardware, the Storage Accelerator dramatically increases storage scalability, performance, and reliability.

Tested extensively in BCD International’s Innovation Lab on a 1GbE network, the Storage Accelerator can sustain 700 Mbps of throughput. When an upgrade to a 10GbE network kit is included, throughput surpasses 2.4Gbps. Traditionally, to reach 700 Mbps of throughput, a system would need to have eight 15K SAS, and to achieve 2.4Gbps, multiple systems would have to be used, each adding to the total cost.

When a system is built with the Storage Accelerator, many areas of performance overhead are removed. Total disk I/O bandwidth often limits the capacity to write live video while reading video to archive. Milestone Appliances utilizing the Storage Accelerator are able to standardize archiving video every two hours as a best practice without negatively impacting the live video database’s performance.

VSS Storage Accelerator chart

With the Storage Accelerator, the total storage of each system can be fully leveraged, unlike traditional configurations using live drives. A VSS-218 with the Storage Accelerator can fully achieve its 252TB/216TB SATA/SAS storage. This allows for security deployments to be fulfilled with fewer servers, while significantly reducing both the initial cost of hardware, as well as the operating expenses.