1U 4-Bay Rackmount, VSS Video Accelerated Milestone Appliance

 Up to 100 Channels
 Up to 720 Mbit/s Recording Rate
 Up to 64TB Raw Storage
 Intel® Xeon® E-Series Processor
 Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
 Remote Management, Monitoring, and Disaster Recovery via the Milestone XProtect using the Harmonize Plug-In
 SSD & SATA Drives
 Redundant Power
 RAID Options: 0, 1, 5, 6, 10
 5-Year Keep Your Hard Drive Warranty
 VSS Accelerator


1U 4-Bay Milestone Appliance for Accelerated Video Processing

Benefit from scalable storage performance and video processing with the VSS-700R server. This 1U, single socket platform brings you the scalability and performance to adapt to a variety of Milestone-based applications. Equipped with the state-of-the-art VSS Video Accelerator, fully harness the capacity of the VSS-700R’s 64TB of raw storage, without needing to utilize live video drives. With the VSS Video Accelerator enabled, read/write speeds exceed that of four hundred and fifty 15K SAS drives combined, ensuring disk bandwidth is never an issue. In addition, the Video Accelerator’s capacitor backup to non-volatile cache helps prevent data loss, should a device lose power, for added reliability.

Storage is provided by up to four 24/7 duty cycle SATA drives. Paired with the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor, this provides high-density storage for XProtect® throughput for the most demanding applications.

VSS’s Harmonize iDRAC plug-in integrates with Milestone Systems’ XProtect® VMS and provides hardware events, notifications and alarms to be presented within the XProtect® VMS.

Ease of operation is provided with dual OS SSDs for accelerated boot and application load times. RAID 5/6 storage options and dual redundant 350W power supplies provide system high availability while a five-year, on-site, next business day, Keep Your Hard Drive warranty guarantees your peace of mind.

VSS’s exclusive Harmonize Bridge, powered by Tiger Technology, includes full data protection, backup and archive, and instant disaster recovery, while delivering cloud scale and services without any disruption to your workflows. The flexibility within the VSS-700R allows for on-premise recording, cloud recording, or both simultaneously.

5-Year, On-site, Next Business Day, Keep Your Hard Drive Warranty

With Video Storage Solutions’ Keep Your Hard Drive warranty, your sensitive data and hard drive never leave your control. It also helps you comply with current data privacy regulations and internal company policies by ensuring sensitive information on your hard drive is not compromised, mitigating the risk of expensive civil litigation if confidential customer data or intellectual property were to be exposed.

Download VSS-700R Datasheet