6 ways Video Storage Solutions benefits the Milestone Community

Video Storage Solutions (VSS) was formed with the single objective of providing system integrators who are part of the Milestone Community with verified video recording and storage appliances through authorised EMEA-based distributors.

VSS, a division of BCD International, specialises in offering video appliances that are pre-engineered with Milestone XProtect®, Seagate Skyhawk AI surveillance-grade drives and its state-of-the-art Storage Accelerator, which significantly increases storage scalability, performance and reliability for Milestone Systems’ projects.

During its decade-old relationship with Milestone, BCD International has supplied more than 37,000 video appliances pre-loaded with Milestone’s video management platform. Collectively, these systems are currently recording over 3 million cameras across six continents. 

VSS is a one-stop-shop for pre-engineered and feature-rich Milestone-verified appliances that can withstand the taxing video data write load of systems with high camera counts. With guaranteed performance, VSS appliances offer peace-of-mind to consultants, system designers and Milestone Community system integrators who are involved in mission-critical infrastructure projects and other high-security applications.

How VSS delivers real-life practical benefits to the Milestone Community

Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing with you jargon-busting articles on how you can achieve the maximum benefit from VSS appliances, as well as examples of how system integrators are winning new business by taking advantage of the Milestone Systems/VSS partnership.

In the meantime, here are six key reasons why you should take a close look at the VSS portfolio.

  1. Guaranteed performance

The VSS engineering team certifies the bandwidth capabilities of each appliance ordered through one of its authorised distributors. System integrators can rest assured knowing that they are delivering an effective video recording and storage solution with guaranteed performance, provided bandwidth requirements do not exceed the appliance’s specification

  1. Unparalleled performance with VSS Storage Accelerator

Unique to VSS, (and other BCD International-branded appliances), the VSS Storage Accelerator eliminates disk i/o bandwidth bottlenecks. With the ability to process 700mbps of throughput on a single 1GbE NIC, data captured by up to 700 cameras can be efficiently recorded on a single server.

  1. Lower cost of ownership

The VSS Storage Accelerator reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a video surveillance system as it eliminates the need for live drive arrays. This means fewer servers, less rack space and lower power consumption.

  1. VSS ‘Keep Your Hard Drive’ Warranty facilitates GDPR compliance

Unlike standard warranties which do not allow users to retain hard drives that have failed, both the 3- and 5-year, global on-site, next business day, Keep Your Hard Drive Warranty negates the need for customers to have to choose between risking sensitive data falling into the wrong hands or insisting on keeping a faulty hard drive. The latter option is likely to mean that they will be breaking the terms of most existing standard warranty agreements.

  1. Pre-Sales Support Services

You are never more than one call away from expert advice on how to incorporate a VSS appliance into your next video surveillance project where Milestone XProtect® is being used. As a VSS customer, you have access to a broad range of services, including RFP response assistance, as well as support with network architecture design, value engineering proposals, and bandwidth and storage requirement calculations.

  1. Post-Sales Support

VSS appliances have a proven track record of reliability. However, should a fault occur, a certified engineer will immediately be assigned to provide first-line hardware and OS support. VSS customers can be assured that this support will remain in place for the lifetime of a project.

Your choice

System integrators can order VSS appliances via these authorised distributors operating throughout EMEA.